Cuzor 12V UPS

1.Common FAQ

Cuzor 12V UPS is a palm sized (8cm * 8cm* 2.5cm ) yet powerful UPS , built to support any 12V and up to 2A device. It comes with zero lag switching, over and under voltage protection. And a 1-year manufacturer warranty

Typical back up time is expected to be in the range of 3~5 hrs depending upon your device’s actual power consumption.

If the nominal Input voltage requirement of your Device is 12V and its current requirement is up to 2A- 12V UPS should just work fine We do provide separate connector cables free of charge to required routers like D-Link 2265 etc.

Features Chinese Imports Cuzor Led Acid
Size Small Small Large
Batteries Not sure BIS certified Not Applicable
Dedicated MCU No Yes Not Applicable
CC-CV based charging
** 3X longer battery life
No Yes Not Applicable
Full charge auto cut off
*Can keep the ups connected
all the time to power
No Yes Not Applicable
Multi color LED indicator No Yes No

Yes from concept to production it’s a made in India. From PCB fabrication to manufacturing of the product has happened in “Namma Bengaluru”. We at Cuzor believe great products can be built from India. 12V UPS is a first small step in that direction.

a) Glowing AMBER/ORANGE implies: Your 12V UPS is functioning normally. 12V input from Adapter as well as 12V output from UPS is available.

b) Glowing RED implies:Your 12V UPS is running on battery. There is no 12V Input (either due to 12V Adapter not connected or AC input to 12V Adapter not available)

c) Glowing GREEN implies:Your 12V UPS’s battery is charging normally. However, Output is not ON (ON/OFF switch may be in OFF position)

When Status LED is Glowing Green – It means your 12V UPS is connected to the mains input and its battery is getting charged. However, you may not have Switched ON the Router UPS. Please check if ON/OFF slider switch is at position marked “|”.

Please charge your 12V UPS for at least 5~6 hours, before measuring the total back up time, since it typically takes that much time to fully charge the 12V UPS battery. Please make the backup time measurement only after this full charge cycle. Typical Backup time with most of the Device’s has been seen to be in the range of 3~5hrs – However actual back up time may vary with each Device.

If the Nominal voltage requirement of these device’s is 12V and current requirement is less than 2A peak – you may use 12V UPS to provide power back up to these devices. Also, of course you need to make sure that the bridge cable of 12V UPS is compatible with the DC Input of the device you want to power. Examples of such devices can be security camera’s, video doorbell etc.

The battery of your 12V UPS might have fully Discharged due to Input from 12V Adapter not being available for an extended period of time. Please Switch OFF the input Power switch of your Router/Device and let the 12V UPS charge for at least 5-10 minutes before switch ON your Router/Device.

This should happen rarely since most of the Router/Device power input connector is a DC power jack - Female with I.D/O.D (inner diameter/outer diameter) as 2.5mm/5.5mm. However, some of the older Router models may have a different DC Power input connector. In that case, you will have to buy a suitable bridge Cable / Adapter from an electrical / electronic store or online. Alternatively, please contact us with Model Number details of your Router and we will suggest you the possible sources for bridge Cable/Adapter.

Adapter Cable requirements

In few cases with some routers which are mostly end of life now (EOL) – the AC/DC adapter output Female plug can be different than the male jack at 12V UPS input. Following possible cases can be there

CASE – 1. AC/DC Adapter output is 1.35mm/3.75mm Male

In this case the AC/DC adapter output Male connector needs to be first converted using an Adapter as shown per figure below to a 2.1mm/5.5mm Male connector

2.1mm/5.5mm Male -to- Female 1.35 mm /3.75mm | Connector Adapter Converter

Next the supplied Bridge cable along with the 12V UPS, needs to be connected to your 12V UPS output. After this Another converter of type 2.1mm/5.5mm Female to 1.35mm/3.75mm Male. The Male end of this converter will get into the input of your Router.

2.1mm/5.5 mm Female -to- male 1.35mm/3.75mm | Connector Adapter Converter

Both above parts are also available in Amazon as per links below

2.1mm/5.5mm Male -to- Female 1.35 mm /3.75mm | Connector Adapter Converter -> Click here

2.1mm/5.5 mm Female -to- male 1.35mm/3.75mm | Connector Adapter Converter -> Click here