Cuzor Battery Replacement Program

Cuzor Battery Replacement Program

Welcome to the Cuzor Battery Replacement Program, an initiative designed to extend the life of your Cuzor Router UPS and contribute to a sustainable future. At Cuzor, we understand the importance of reliable power backup for your internet connectivity, and our battery replacement program ensures that your UPS continues to deliver optimal performance without the need for frequent replacements.

Why Choose Our Battery Replacement Program?

1. Extend the Life of Your UPS Our program is designed to maximize the longevity of your Cuzor Router UPS. Instead of purchasing a new UPS when the battery depletes, simply replace the battery and continue enjoying uninterrupted connectivity.

2. Environmentally Friendly By participating in our battery replacement program, you help reduce electronic waste. Proper disposal and recycling of used batteries are part of our commitment to sustainability, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

3. Cost-Effective Solution Replacing the battery is a more economical option compared to buying a new UPS. This program offers a budget-friendly way to maintain your UPS’s performance without compromising on quality.

How It Works

Step 1: Identify the Need for Replacement When you notice a decrease in your UPS battery performance or backup duration, it’s time to replace the battery. Look for signs like shorter backup times or frequent need to recharge.

Step 2: Contact Cuzor Support Reach out to our customer support team via phone, email, or live chat to initiate the battery replacement process. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps and provide detailed instructions.

Step 3: Pick-Up Service We arrange for a courier service to pick up your UPS unit from your location. Ensure that your device is securely packed to prevent damage during transit.

Step 4: Battery Replacement Once we receive your UPS, our technicians will replace the battery with a genuine Cuzor replacement. This ensures optimal performance and safety.

Step 5: Ship Back the Serviced Unit After servicing, we will ship the UPS back to you. You will receive your UPS with a fresh battery, ready to provide uninterrupted connectivity.

Step 6: Dispose of the Old Battery Cuzor ensures responsible disposal of the old battery. We follow strict environmental regulations to recycle the batteries and minimize ecological impact.

Benefits of the Cuzor Battery Replacement Program

  • Seamless Connectivity: Continue to enjoy uninterrupted internet access with a fresh battery.
  • Sustainability: Support eco-friendly practices by reducing electronic waste.
  • Cost Savings: Save money by replacing the battery instead of purchasing a new UPS unit.
  • Quality Assurance: Use genuine Cuzor batteries that guarantee optimal performance and safety.
  • Extended Warranty: Receive a fresh 1-year warranty with each battery replacement, ensuring continued protection and reliability.

Sustainability and Responsible Recycling

At Cuzor, sustainability is a core value. By replacing your UPS battery instead of discarding the entire unit, you help reduce electronic waste and conserve resources. Our responsible recycling program ensures that all used batteries are processed and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. This reduces the strain on landfill sites and prevents harmful chemicals from contaminating the environment.


Our battery replacement program is designed to be affordable and transparent. Here is the price list for battery replacements:

  • Cuzor Mini 9V2A Router UPS: ₹699
  • Cuzor Mini 12V2A Router UPS: ₹799
  • Cuzor Mini 12V2.5A for Jio and Airtel Extreme: ₹899
  • Cuzor Mini Pro 12V3A Router UPS: ₹999

Prices include the cost of the new battery, pick-up and shipping service, and responsible recycling of the old battery.

Join the Program

Participating in the Cuzor Battery Replacement Program is easy. Simply contact our support team to arrange a pick-up, and let our technicians handle the rest. Our program ensures you receive the best support and quality products. Stay connected, save money, and contribute to a greener planet with Cuzor.

For more information or to start your battery replacement process, contact our support team today. Together, we can build a sustainable future while ensuring your technology needs are always met.